Winners BCA2017

posted: 2017-12-18

Here are some pictures of yesterdays winners at Bartenders' Choice Awards. Congratulations to everyone and thank you to everyone that attended and made this an unforgettable gala.   

Winners in Finland

Best Bartender - Timo Siitonen
Best Cocktail Bar - A21 Decades
Best New Cocktail Bar - Chapter
Best Atmosphere - Runar
Best Cocktail Menu - A21 Decades
Improver Of The Bar Industry - Timo Siitonen
Best Restaurant - Baskeri & Basso
Peoples Choice - Tiima

Winners in Denmark

Best Bartender - Jeppe Nothlev
Best Cocktail Bar - Duck & Cover
Best New Cocktail Bar - Gensyn
Best Atmosphere - The Barking Dog
Best Cocktail Menu - Duck & Cover
Improver Of The Bar Industry - Max Scott
Best Restaurant - Pluto
Peoples Choice - Strøm Bar

Winners in sweden

Best Bartender - Josephine Sondlo
Best Cocktail Bar - Bar Hommage
Best New Cocktail Bar - Penny & Bill
Best Atmosphere - 20Hundra5
Best Cocktail Menu - 20Hundra5
Improver Of The Bar Industry - Peter Molander
Best Restaurant - Sturehof
Peoples Choice - Stranger

Winners in Norway

Best Bartender - Jørgen Dons
Best Cocktail Bar - Himkok
Best New Cocktail Bar - Pjolter og Punsj
Best Atmosphere - Torggata Botaniske
Best Cocktail Menu - Himkok
Improver Of The Bar Industry - Monica Berg
Best Restaurant - Pjoltergeist
Peoples Choice - No Stress

Best Product

Hernö Gin

Best international cocktail bar